Cage9 - Bio

“(Illuminator has) catchy hooks, great musicianship and killer songwriting…
I can see them making some real noise in 2016.” 

Blasko / Ozzy Osbourne

"Cage9 totally belong on the radio..." 
Ben Bruce / Asking Alexandria

“I can’t remember when an opening band grabbed our whole band’s attention like Cage9 did recently.  
We watched side stage for their entire set and became believers.” 
Jason Null / Saving Abel

“There is a certain pop element to the songs that really pushes them over the top… The same element that pushed bands like Shinedown and Hinder over into the Top 40 world. …and the production is fucking OUTSTANDING.”   

Matt DiRito / PopEvil

"I've been a fan of Evan's vocals for a very long time and the new material
really showcases the incredible talent of this band.
Great hooks and very well-crafted songs all over this new record!"  

Francesco Artusato / Devil You Know 

“Goddamn it's the best stuff I've spent time with in a while...its totally beautiful.”  

Ron Underwood / 9Electric

“I love listening to new music…and the new Cage9 does not disappoint!” 

Brian "Head" Welch / Korn


From Cage9’s rehearsal room window you can draw inspiration from a breath-taking Los Angeles sunset over the gritty downtown skyline a few miles away on a daily basis.  And that’s just what lead singer, guitarist and band mastermind Evan Rodaniche has been doing for the past year and a half as the quartet slaved away on their upcoming self-produced 13 song opus “Illuminator” (out June 3rd on David Ellefson of Megadeth's imprint EMP/eOne).  An ecclectic yet hard-hitting blend of melodic hard rock, expertly crafted lyrics and extremely hooky choruses, the album has enough production and sheen to feel at home on rock radio yet dynamic and spontaneous enough to tell you’re listening to raw emotions and real musicians baring their souls for the listener.

The band's headquarters is also the scene for their upcoming self-produced video for the Avenged Sevenfold-meets-My Chemical Romance song “Everything You Love Will Someday Die,” where they assembled roughly 40 friends, fans, fellow musicians and even a pro-football player or two to lip-sync the emotional lyrics to the camera in front of a black curtain.  On passing around the rough cut to friends Rodaniche reports that “I keep getting texts to the extent of ‘I was in tears by the end of the song,' so that’s a first!” [Watch the video HERE]

But Rodaniche is no stranger to illiciting emotion through art.  The lead singer also found time between Cage9 sessions to help other bands chase their muses - producing, recording and mixing albums by ex-Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm (her first solo effort since leaving that band), Powerman 5000, Boy Hits Car, a session for Asking Alexandria and many more.  Trent Reznor was heard to say that creating albums for Marilyn Manson and others drained his emotional output for NIN, but Rodaniche feels differently.  “I learn from every artist I produce as much as I give to them creatively."  If that’s the case, it would definitely explain the mountain of sound, soul and dynamic found in “Illuminator.”  “As artists, we try to harness our experiences - the sounds, the sadness, the color and the shape, and try to reinterpret it through our medium. I’d say we’ve been more successful at doing that on this record than maybe, ever.”

                                The DIY Approach:

In Cage9’s 10 plus year existence and with no outside help, the band has released almost 100 songs over 6 albums, sold 25,000 plus copies worldwide, toured the US (over 50 dates last year alone), Japan and Central America.  Direct openers for Ozzy Osbourne, Bad Religion, Seether & In This Moment, they've also shared bills with Sevendust, Hellyeah, Powerman 5000, Karnivool and many more.  The band's songs have been featured in video games (Mx vs. ATV Untamed), WWE wrestler entrance themes (Dolph Zeigler / Stone Cold Steve Austin), TV shows and movies (American Pie, Dukes of Hazzard, Rob Dyrdek’s “Fantasy Factory,” The Shield & CW's Kamen Rider Dragon Knight) as well as spins on L.A.’s “World Famous” KROQ, Sirius Satellite Radio and more.  These years of hard-won experience have in no way dated the band, but rather helped build the sonic foundation that has made an album like “Illuminator” possible.

Brought up speaking both English and Spanish, Rodaniche originally founded Cage9 in his native Panama where he cut his musical teeth on old school 80’s metal shipped down from the states, but says his true inspiration came by way of the 90’s alt-nation via The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Pantera and Alice in Chains.  He also cites getting excited about newer music like Alt-J, Nothing More and Enter Shikari as vital to keeping the band in check.  Moving to California in hopes to up its musical game, the band now calls Los Angeles “casa” and now includes original bassist Gustavo Aued, Michigan transplant Matt Borowski on guitar, and Korn drum-tech Abel Vallejo on drums.